Working as a Plumber in Chicago

this picture shows tools in working as a plumber in chicago

With most people choosing the white collar jobs in Chicago, many people with little education are choosing the tradesman job. One of the highest tradesmen jobs is plumbers and electricians.

Why Work as a Plumber?

You learn as you work

While many professions demand that you finish school first before you get employed a plumber can start getting paid immediately he starts training including at the apprenticeship stage.

You can rise on the job faster

Your hard work determines how fast you can rise on the job and increase your pay. You can move from apprentice to journeyman and eventually to master plumber with a pay rise at every move.

You are not stationary

If you are a person who does not like seating on the same desk, in the same office, with the same people the whole day, then this career is for you. Plumbers tend to move from one place to another and with the beautiful sceneries available in Chicago you get to enjoy yourself as you work.

You meet many people

When you move around a lot you get to meet many people and make contacts. These are the contacts that help you get more work, therefore, you are not affected by any market trends.

Great demand

The right time to become a plumber is now. With many old and experienced plumbers retiring and very few people choosing this profession, the market is very wide and you are at a better chance to even negotiate a better pay package.

Guaranteed job security

There are always new homes and businesses coming up requiring new plumbing jobs and you are also tasked with repairing the old ones. You can also work in industries as well as in homes ensuring you are never out of a job.

Job Satisfaction

Being a plumber is quite satisfying. A plumber helps in sorting out a mess in homes by helping to fix broken pipes and to stop huge damages that would have cost a family a lot of money. This is very rewarding emotionally and financially.

Final Thoughts

If you are not well educated and are not into white collar jobs then this is a perfect career for you in Chicago. And with this state being very homely and traditional you can be sure that once you have done a good job there will be many referrals and you will therefore never miss a job.