What Does a Kitchen Hood Cleaner Do?

There are many jobs employment you can find in Boston and one of these jobs is being a kitchen hood cleaner. Basically, the work of a kitchen hood cleaner is to clean and eliminate greases from the kitchen’s exhaust system of a customer. This kind of job is usually done during nighttime but for some reasons and purposes, the kitchen hood cleaner can do it during the daytime too. 

this image shows a picture of the kitchen

As a kitchen hood cleaner, your job includes going through the roof then you have to shut the fan. Afterward, checking the fan belt is one of your duties and replace it if needed. The kitchen hood cleaner needs to remove the greases from hoods, ducts, vents, and fans so that it will have not become an extreme fire hazard. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Prepare the restaurant or the commercial kitchen
  • Clean the kitchen grease baffle filters
  • Remove the hardened and accumulated greases from ductwork
  • Clean the exhaust fan of the kitchen
  • Pressure wash the hood of the kitchen
  • Replace the filters of the kitchen hood
  • Inspect the system of kitchen exhaust
  • Put a certification sticker 
  • Clean up the entire work area

Cleaning the kitchen hood system is important to help prevent fire. In order to do so, the kitchen hood cleaner needs to clean the grease as well as the other debris from filters, ductwork, exhaust fan, and hood. If this system is not cleaned and allows the grease to accumulate more, the risk level of fire hazards will get high as time goes by – and it is also harder for a kitchen hood cleaner to clean it out. 

What Do You Need To Consider Before Hiring A Kitchen Hood Cleaner?

Truthfully, hiring a kitchen hood cleaner is quite expensive but keep in mind that you need it for your kitchen. Also, keep in mind that hiring a professional kitchen hood cleaner is always better than doing it on your own. Here are the things you need to consider before hiring a kitchen hood cleaner:

this image shows a kitchen before hiring a kitchen hood cleaner
Labor rates

The labor rate of a kitchen hood cleaner depends on the geographic locations. It is more expensive in large cities than in rural towns. 

Height of building

Hood cleaning costs are much higher if you live in a multi-story building; the exhaust systems on buildings will require longer ducts.

Level of knowledge

Of course, you need to consider if how knowledgeable the person you will hire and how efficient he is before doing any work with your kitchen hood system. 

Hood size & type

The size of your kitchen hood and its use will have an impact on the total price of cleaning.

The current condition of kitchen hood

The more work that’s needed to be done will cost you a higher price. However, the kitchen hood that is properly maintained is much cheaper. 

Reputable and trusted

Surely, you want someone that’s reputable, trusted, and have gained positive feedbacks and recommendations from previous clients. Make sure to check thoroughly his background before working with a kitchen hood cleaner in Chicago.